Autopilot Reseller Partnership Security

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Hi all,


I have a question about setting up a Reseller partnership so that our reseller can upload device info to Autopilot only. I want to set this up, but I want to confirm if anyone knew what all info besides Autopilot that they might have access to. It looks like you can remove delegated admin privileges (even if they request it) and they should still be able to upload the info to Autopilot, but I know our security team is most likely going to want to know what all they have access to. I've seen a few screenshots of what it looks like in the partner portal, but I cannot find anything that lists out what all the reseller has access to inside the portal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Partner Center does not have access to profiles created in Intune or Microsoft Store for Business. It only has access to the Autopilot profiles created through Partner Center.