Autopilot OOBE stuck at "Sign in With Microsoft" page after authenticating on company specific page

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I'm trying to set up intune for windows autopilot, but having trouble.  I have the policies configured for our Hybrid AADJ environment, and when starting OOBE on a computer I do get prompted to log in at a screen showing our company specific info, but once I authenticate there (using either password or phone sign in) it comes up to an unbranded "sign in with microsoft" screen, asking me to sign in to my work or school account.  On this screen, I can enter a username, but the Next button doesn't do anything. I'm just stuck on that screen.  What could be causing this behavior?


The computer is running W10 v1909 pro, if that matters.  One of the intune policies assigned to it should upgrade it to Enterprise, but I'm not even getting that far. 

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Hi Steve,

Not sure if it fixes it but worth try, does ‘Hide Change Account Options’ set to hide?

That option appears to be set to hide, but is greyed out. I suspect it may not be available for profiles using HybridAADJ?

It looks like this issue may be related to something in my Endpoint Security profile.  After excluding my Autopilot test group from that profile, I'm now getting past the sign in and seeing the ESP screen.  I may have to apply a temp profile and turn settings on one by one to figure out which one was causing this.  

@Steve Whitcher Did you ever find out what was causing the problem as I'm seeing exactly the same issue.





@Mark Blackburn Yes, I believe the issue was related to the Application control code integrity setting. Try disabling that in your endpoint protection policy and see if it fixes the autopilot issue. 



@Steve Whitcher Thaks - I'll give that a try :)