Autopilot Hybrid AD join Computer name

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Hi I have see many blog how to set computer host name during the windows autopilot few sample examples mentioned in below.


This question I am posting which one is best option and or any another suggested way to set computer which is easy and more reliable ?


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I use the oofhours to create a custom naming convention and it works perfectly.

Hi @Andy1192.,


I have also written a blog post about a naming convention Intune. I am not 100% sure if this is also applicable for Hybrid devices. But you can find my blog post here:


Set up the missing naming convention to increment your AutoPilot devices - Endpoint Cave


But my advice and preferred method is most of the time: use the default options, but properly your company has some requirements and you can decide to choose for the not default option.


For hybrid devices it is not possible to set the device name in an Autopilot profile, you have to configure the domain join profile in Intune. The options are very limited as you can see in below image



Domain join profile settings for Windows 10/11 in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs


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