Autopilot Hardware Hash changed

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Hi folks!


I’ve done some testing on autopilot now with two different Lenovo models, a L380 Yoga and L390 Yoga.

What really confuses me is the fact that everytime I do a clean install of Windows 10 (from an iso file) the hardware hash is changing. Is this really a normal behaviour? I thought the hardware hash is calculated just based on hardware configurations, but it seems that something else is part of that calculation. Can someone help me out?



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@gerlach_6300 Hey, do you do anything with the TPM settings in the BIOS during your deployment?

@Coert Kastelein I tried different methods during deployment (i. a clearing the TPM via BIOS)^and it doesn't matter. The hash value in the generated .csv is always different.


Someone told me that there is also a timestamp part of the hardware hash in the .csv and because of that the hash is always different. But this actually makes no sense to me


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Ok, I found the answer here:


Note that the hardware hash also contains details about when it was generated, so it will change each time it is generated