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Hi everyone,


We started working with Autopilot. When we used SCCM to deploy a computer the OS was EN-US.  Now we want to know if there is a way to change an already installed OS language to EN-US. For example, a person bought an HP laptop in France, the OS that HP installed on the computer would probably be customized to French beforehand. meaning the users folder name would be in French. My question is if there is any way to change everything to EN-US even though it was installed as French. I don't talk about changing the international settings of the computer. I am talking about changing everything to default EN-US.



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In the Autopilot profile you creating, there is a section for Language (region)



This is usually "OS Default", but you can change it to EN-US.

As long as the device is assigned to that Autopilot profile, it will change the language during the process.


Optional - You can set the "Automatically configure keyboard" to NO so the user will have to  select it during the process.


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@shehanjp Great Idea but didn't work.

The primary language was the OS language.

It only changed the region of the OS...

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For anyone that needs this. Unless you are still deploying windows 10 and Microsoft doesn't allow the new "Copy-UserInternationalSettingsToSystem". And, Microsoft doesn't let us install an LP with PS like what I found they are testing in the Insider Builds. Do the following:

(This is based on GitHub - mtniehaus/AutopilotBranding)

  1. Get the required LPs
  2. Create a Win32 app that which contains the following - LPs + xml for the intl.cpl copy international and a script that:
    1. installs the LPs + Languages capabilities.
    2. Set timezone
    3. Set system locale
    4. Set culture.
    5. Set windows geo location
    6. Set user language list
    7. Copies the international settings to system and new user using the xml file.

I hope this helps anyone with this issue, and thanks @shehanjp  for the answers. They pointed me in the right direction.



Cheers! And glad you sorted it out :)


question is where can i gat the LP. In the store only Local Experience packs are available. If you are only working cloud only there is no changes to pull it from a CD.



If you are using windows 10 or windows 11 21h2 you should be using the language pack from the feature on demand ISO in volume licensing.