Autopilot and Replaced motherboard

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When a device got it's motherboard replaced, the hardware hash is changed. So when this device is wiped autopilot doesn't work because of the change hardware hash. So you have to create a new autopilot csv and reregister the device. The question i have is: Is it possible to unregister a already enrolled device that got the motherboard replace, and reregister the device with the new hardware hash without factory resetting the device. So the user doesn't have to start all over with enrolling the device.

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Hi Roland,


that should be possible, can you try this? Go and find the device by taking the serial number and delete it from Autopilot. After this go to the device and grab the hash again and upload it to the portal. If you already have the convert all assigned devices to Autopilot devices switch on on the Autopilot profile, this might also work (I didn't tested the convert for a replaced motherboard scenario). In theory, the switch will take care of gathering the hardware hash fully automatically after the change of the motherboard and you don't have to use the script. You can verify this by looking up the new serial number after replacement of the motherboard. 


I didn't tested this scenario myself but I think it should work.



In my testing, it is best to upload the new HH# and reset the device.  Remove the previous device entry by un-enrolling from Company Portal, delete from Intune and Azure AD.  


If you don't do above, there are follow-on issues with device compliance, getting policies (depending on what policies you have set). 





I am seeing the same that Shuchi wrote. delete it and start over, that works best.


:) don't get me wrong I do the same as Shuchi and Jörgen, delete and start over again, but what Ronald asked was, if it is possible. My answer was regarding this, yes I think so but I didn't tested this out in production and can't tell about reliability. My way is to cleanup and start over again. But if Roland wants to try I think it is possible. Recommendation from my side is also the cleanup as this is the way I use in production also and this is working solid.




@Oliver Kieselbach I was unable to delete the hardware id from autopilot because it said that it needed to be deleted from associated intune devices first and when I tried to upload a the new hardware id it errored because it already had a match to that service tag. If I delete the device wont it uninstall all the apps, etc? So I dont think there is a way to do an in place update of the hardware id if the motherboard gets replaced? I have 2 that I need to do but dont want to wipe the devices if I dont have to. 

Hi @dj562006, there is a correlation between the objects now, Autopilot with Azure AD device and Intune device records. If you need to replace the hardware I think a wipe is the way to be 100% sure that it works.... obviously. What you could test out is to change the motherboard and turn on the Autopilot checkbox "convert all targeted autopilot device". Maybe you will change the board and the switch will pick up the new hardware id/properties. Never really tested this. Would be interesting to know if this works.






There is guidance from Microsoft for this: 


Motherboard Replacement (MBR)

If a motherboard replacement is needed on a Windows Autopilot device, the following process is recommended:

  1. Deregister the device from Windows Autopilot
  2. Replace the motherboard
  3. Capture a new device ID (4K HH)
  4. Reregister the device with Windows Autopilot
  5. Reset the device
  6. Return the device