Automatically convert an unmanaged iOS app to a managed one

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We need a solution to the following problem.


All of our iOS devices are supervised and we have no BYOD.


We offer various iOS apps to our users in the company portal. There are some apps that are set to "Required" and there are many apps that are set to "Available".


The problem we have is this: When a user installs an app that we offer as "Available" in the company portal from the Apple App Store, it remains unmanaged.


We need a way to convert the app automatically into a managed app, without user interaction.


If an app is set up as required, it will be converted automatically. However, we cannot set all apps as required to perform the conversion.


Other MDM providers, such as Ivanti/MobileIron, offer an option in the app settings so that you can convert any app that you offer in the internal app store, regardless of whether the app is required or not. Is there a solution to this problem in Intune?


Example for what I wish:
In the settings from the App Settings there should be a option like "Convert App in managed App".

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Hi @ATroester,

unfortunately, as far as I know, Intune does not provide an option to automatically convert an unmanaged app to a managed app if the app is installed from the Apple App Store and not through the Company Portal. This is a feature provided by some other MDM providers, but it’s not currently available in Intune.

Understanding the capabilities of unmanaged apps, managed apps, and MAM-protected apps - Microsoft C...

I recommend providing feedback to Microsoft about this feature request through the Intune feedback portal. Microsoft often uses customer feedback to improve and add features to their products.

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