Automate Autopilot process using Dynamic Group

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Dear forum members,

We have configured an autopilot process as follows:

1. Vendor upload a group of devices to Intune tenant

2. We create a dynamic group base on the purchase order ID

3. Profiles and policies are assigned to this group as per use case

This seems pretty standard how most people do it. The problem occurs when you want to pick a few devices out of this order and re-purpose for other usage. Because the devices are in a dynamic group, I cannot take these devices out. I also cannot go to these devices and delete the profiles either (no such options and will be applied again by Intune).


So what's the best practice to manage this scenario to be flexible? The only thing I can think of is to have another Assigned group to add these devices in, then exclude this group in the profiles. This is obviously not a very good solution. I would need to have this exclusion group in almost every profiles and policies. And I need to have an exclusion group for every solution in Intune.


How do you guys manage this problem?

Thanks all.

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I would recommend utilizing group tags for your dynamic groups, as these are more dynamic =>