August Patch is breaking Intune Enrollment

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We have received multiple Incidents where users reported that after the patch was installed they rebooted their Windows 11 Enterprise devices and presented with just LocalAdmin account. There was no option to choose Other User or any other account.

We then tried all our common passwords and 1 of the password worked on 1 laptop but on the other, it did not work. So once we have logged in, when we navigate to access wor kor school, there is no enrolment profile. If we click on connect, Joining this device to AAD is not available. 

We then enabled the administrator account, deleted all the enrolments registry keys, rebooted and next time when well logged in with the Administrator account we got the option to re-enrol. 


After re-enrollment, a new user profile was created under the Users folder and we had to manually copy and paste the data from the old profile to the new one.


I tried searching for any known issues of Aug patch but did not find any and I am unsure whats happening with the devices.

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I had paused the update rings for a week to verify if Aug patch really broke the enrollment. After a week when I restarted the patching no issues were reported and currently out of 980 devices only 3 reported the issue. So seems like it was not the Aug patch but something else.

Hi @Christine Stack,

Where are you located I cant actually see this issue in health center.

We had a number of devices in the last week which built without picking up the autopilot profile meaning the devices names are wrong.