Assign Configuration Profile Only for Affinity User, or what can we use the primary user for?

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Can I assign an Intune configuration profile for a primary user of Windows 10 computer?


In my environment, when I assign a configuration profile to a machine and log in the machine with the second user, the Intune also assigns the configuration profile to the second user.


Otherwise, how could we use the primary user? In my last post, I got an answer; we cannot limit a login user.



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Hi @Nayuta,


there is no user affinity for configuration profiles in Intune. The primary user is used during app targeting, for example a secondary user can't install apps on devices where he is not primary user, see some details for app targeting here: 

Intune application targeting for Windows 10 Win32 apps explained

Currently the primary user can't be changed, but this is announced to be in-development, check here:


So to summarize I would suggest to study this article as it describes the current behavior:

Assign user and device profiles in Microsoft Intune

especially see section: User groups vs. device groups


In addition to user and device targeting you can use applicability rules which currently support only OS Version and OS Edition, see here:




Hi @Oliver Kieselbach,


Thank you for your answer.

Intune also supports changing the primary user now.


I also try to use "UserPrincipalName" in the common name of the scep profile. I'll report when I finished.