Apps missing after reboot (from Company Portal)

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Hey all,


we have problems with installations out of the company portal <CP>. The Apps (as example: Microsoft ToDo) are deployed to the User Group > available for registered devices > 


All the users can show the Software in <CP> and after a Installation it work's fine. After rebooting the device it woll not be installed again and is now missing. 

All devices are Hybrid Azure AD Joined.


Any Idea?

Best regards


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Our Helpdesk staff have also been reporting this issue / bug, still exists.

Has anyone found a solution?



Same issue still exist. No usable solution received from MS or Cosultant. 

Problem is solved for us. We have a scheduled task who is deleting all Apps not listed in the powershell script
  • @tekla007 Hi , can u know how you find these apps are getting deleted by that script,how to find that