Apps Installation through Intune and detect fails

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I have installed apps through Intune (packaged for Intune) and I see that even though the app has installed, it keeps on saying installing and then it says failed. Even though the app is already installed.


The detection of the existing app which is set in the package when configuring in Intune is already done and it is either detected through registry or through file / folder location. But, why would  it do this over and over, even though I have set it up correctly.


Has anyone else had similar issues? 

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Review this article for information about analyzing the IntuneExtensionMnager.log in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs.


Intune - Understanding Win32 App Detection Rules 


Whenever an app is either repeatedly trying to reinstall itself even though it's actually there, or not installing itself at all, it's almost always a subtle issue with the way the detection rule is being performed. Like if there's a typo, or if checking a version number versus a string type. Another example can be is if it's a 32-bit app it might try to write to the WOW6432Node of the registry instead of where you might otherwise expect it to go. Possibly an unexpected character in the file path or if the file is missing at detection time, etc. As an alternative, can use a PowerShell script to perform customized detection.


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Hi as Kurt also mentioned... the IME log should be the first place to start looking. It would definitely help if you could share what app you are trying to deploy and which detection rule you configured :)
If you could share it, we could take a look at it and could give you a possible solution

@Rudy_Ooms_MVP Thanks to Rudy and Kurt.


I am not an expert to read the logs, but I am attaching the logs. If you have time please go through it and let me know what could be causing.  I have attached 2 sets of logs one recent one and one a previous one. I have seen this problem from the beginning.

Kurt, Thanks for your information and the document about detection rules. The OS that I am pushing is to x64 bit and not 32 bit, and I understand it might check both of it. Unfortunately, would it not be frustrating for users to see this pop up when they have these apps keep popping up?