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trying to find out why the apps that I configure to be installed via Intune are not installed. I'm trying to install O365 apps and Google Chrome so I've added them to "Apps" and assigned group under "Required". However, none got installed.


When I check for status, I can see the below:


  • O365 apps - "Required install" with status "Waiting for install status"
  • Chrome - "Required install" with status "Not Installed"
  • When I click on them to see installation details, both have the same:
    Agent installed -> Application created -> App assigned to group XXX -> Application attempted to install -> Pending install -> Device last check-in time


There is no error or any indication about why it is not installed :\


I'm running hybrid scenario and devices are showing as "Azure Hybrid Joined".


Any advise about how to find out what is going wrong there?

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On the local PC, did you check the IME logs?
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs check if there is any errors.

Can you also check the incoming folder if it has any files? C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Intune Management Extension\Content\Incoming

Last, did the local pc received any apps or config from Intune before? If not, run CMD as Admin, run dsregcmd /leave and reboot.


Azure Hybrid Joined --> also using configmr? if so did you flip the workload switch?
Also just like Moe told you... The IME would be the first place to start


I'm quite new into this... so sorry if asking about basics :)
I've checked the logs and see this:

I can actually see the Chrome now installed on computer... However Intune is still showing Install Pending... So not sure whether it was pushed via Intune now :\

-looks like there is some issue with existing O365 and can't properly reinstall it. I've found a window today on computer saying that installation failed. So looks like intune was trying to install it eventually.

About logs:

IME logs - what should I be looking for here? There are 4 files there. Also see the errors I've found there..
[LOG[DNS detection: WinHttpGetProxyForUrl call failed because of error 12180]
[LOG[DHCP detection: WinHttpGetProxyForUrl call failed because of error 12180]


"Failed to get AAD token"
"User check is failed, exception is Intune Management Extension Error."
"AAD User check using device check in app is failed, now fallback to the Graph


C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Intune Management Extension\Content\Incoming files here


I will try to have few more devices/users for testing to see if its same for all

Hi Rudy

the environment was set up years ago and I'm taking over with almost zero visibility :).... I know that SCCM was used in the past... nut not used anymore... What you mean / or how can I check on " if so did you flip the workload switch" please?



I've checked Intune -> Devices and is showing "Managed by Intune". Also, device in AAD is showing as "MDM -> Microsoft Intune". So I believe I should be good here.



Do you still have issues with installing apps? You mentioned Chrome was successfully installed.



Hi Moe,

I've successfully installed Chrome and 7zip... Have issue with O365 Apps and getting error "0x0000426A"... So I'm checking on this and believe I will be able to sort that as found some tshooting hints already...