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We have Android Enterprise devices enrolled as per the Intune documentionation here:


We have some apps delivered to the devices via the managed Google Play store, however we also have a need to sideload some other apps on the devices manually. These apps can't be published on the Play Store.


The problem is that once the sideloaded apps are installed, they seem to get deleted by the device policy (see attached)


Does anyone know if there's a way to be able to whitelist these sideloaded apps so they're not removed by policy? It seems like the only apps that can exist on the devices in this mode are apps that are installed via the managed Play Store.



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Hi@George Frost did you ever get a resolution to this or have any further information on it?


I have a side-loaded app on an Intune Android Enterprise device and it gets wiped every time the Android Device Policy syncs. There doesn't appear to be a way around it. The app is currently supported in managed play store.


Ive had this confirmed by Microsoft support and its out of their hands.


@CarlG2205 Yep, you can now do it using the private LOB functionality recently released. See here for more info: Managed Google Play private LOB apps 

Just upload your APK into the private play store via this method, then assign to the device.


Hi George, thanks for getting back to me.


I have tried this private LOB/iframe however unfortunately it doesnt work for me.


Originally I signed up for a Google Developer account and did it the old way, however the apk failed to load as the apk's API level was too low -> 21 vs 28.


I tried last week to add via private LOB in Intune but I get the error "upload an APK with a valid package name".


I can't seem to work around this issue.