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Jul 21 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

Apps are not installing at the time of enrollment

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Hi People,


I am new in enrollment of the android devices. 

I have a few devices which I need to enroll as Corporate-owned, fully managed user device. 

In order to do so, I completed the steps below:

1. Scan the code

2. Login as company credentials.

3. Setup the pin number.

After that I am stuck at installing the apps.

As Microsoft Authenticator and Microsoft Intune are required apps, without that I can't do anything. 

Installation of that apps are just going for ever. 

Please see the screenshot  and help me if you can .Thanks20220524_163504.jpg

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Is the device enrolling in Intune at all?

Do you have any Conditional Access (Compliance) or something else blocking it?

@Oktay Sari you may want to jump in on this one :smile:.

@Bijanya, Any updates on this from your sid?


In addition to the questions previously asked by @NielsScheffers:


  1. I'm assuming that the connection between Intune and the managed google play store is working? But just to make sure; Are you able to enroll using other methods and install these applications? Perhaps you can try a personal device with work profile enrollment or a corp owned device with work profile.
  2. What Android version are you running? I'm again, assuming you're on 8.0 or higher.
  3. Do you have this issue with just 1 device? Did you test with other devices? Just to rule out it's an issue with this particular device.
  4. You write that you login with company credentials (step 2). Is that the chrome browser starting and asking for credentials?
  5. And again, I'm assuming it's not a DEM account you're enrolling with
Thanks for your support @NielsScheffers  and @Oktay_Sari

Answers for Niels :
The device seems to get enrolled but I can't find it on the controller. 

There's no blocking at all. 

There's no issues when I enroll a window's laptop or either apple devices.

Its just that Android devices are not getting through this step. 

Answers for Oktay:

1. connection between Intune and the managed google play store is working fine. I am not able to enroll using any other methods.
2. I am using Android 12 as these are new samsung s22 mobile phones.
3. The issue is with all android devices.
4. yes chrome browser starts and ask for credentials.
5. I used to login with DEM account but after reading an article, I am now using non DEM account.