Apply conditional access to restrict emails in mail clients (gmail or native)

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Hi All,

We have corporate emails from Google and we have Intunes to manage our endpoints, now the challenge is how can we apply app policy and conditional access to allow users use only one application (outlook) to access their company e-mails and all other applications for mail access should be blocked.

Please note that we have emails from Gsuit.


I have already tried creating app protection with outlook as target app and CA, but it is not working.

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@optimusprime90,  you can cover Gsuite using CA, and for user to use outlook as a native app to access their emails


Please refer to the below link ( replace EXO to Gsuite in the CA policy


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@eliekarkafy thanks for your input but there is no Gsuit option available in list

Hi Dear,
I have read the article you mentioned but i guess its not applicable in our environment because we already have SSO integration in place in google workspace and Azure by OKTA.
Any other leads !!