Applications not working as expected. Getting 10 minutes only for the application content download.

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Getting download issue for Win32 Applications where Intune is giving only 10 minutes for the content download of an application after Autopilot (User driven Hybrid Azure AD) is completed on the device.

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Hello it seems the app does not get downloaded within the timeout which is 10 minutes . How big is the app you are downloading ? Do you have sufficient bandwidth ?
Looking at the app, you are downloading a language pack for the office apps? Could you tell me how you configured that app/package? Because the 10 min timeout is indeed an issue

@ Rudy_Ooms_MVP
I have downloaded the package by using sccm console. But it is not happening with only Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise application but also with other applications as well after user driven Hybrid AD joined autopilot scenario is completed on the device.
It is happening with every application after user driven hybrid AD joined Autopilot scenario.

Hi... Okay, so its happening with other applications as well... ALL apps or just some of them.. Only huge/big apps?(ruling out proxy/ssl inspection stuff)

Hello @Rudy_Ooms_MVP 


Sorry for the delayed response. It is happening with every application after autopilot is completed on the device. By chance if the internet speed is good download will be fine. Then for application installation it is giving 60 minutes of time (which is ok).


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There is a Delivery Optimization (DO) issue that's why this 10 minutes timeout for the application content download is coming after Autopilot is completed on the device. If we disable DO, then it will not give timeout for the content download of an application. Even it doesn't track how much time it is taking to download the content of the application.
But again there are two issues if we disable DO,
1. You will not get content from peer computers (if available) and it directly gets the content from internet...
2. There is an inconsistency in downloading the content when DO is disabled. Even the slight network disconnect\change can cause the download of the application to fail....(This is the behavior experiencing when writing this thing...)