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I am looking for some help on why my applications I set up in Intune are not appearing in our Company Portal.


Background Info: I work for an MSP and we have a client that we are taking on with devices enrolled in Intune. We have a remote agent that we would like to push to one of our clients as a Win32 app and make it a required install for the devices.


My Setup: I have run through the process of packaging the app as a .intunewin file, I don't believe there is any error here. I am familiar with the install/uninstall commands and have tested via a direct install on a VM to ensure they work. I have a group set up with both a test user, and the test VM which is enrolled in Intune. I assigned this group and required the install. I also made the application available to all users in the Company Portal.


The Issue: I believe all of these settings and setup are correct; however, I am not seeing any install or anything show up in the Company Portal. I verified that the device is definitely Intune-enrolled from within Endpoint Manager, and I verified I was logged in as my test user to the Company Portal app. I also checked the online version and same issue there.


Within Intune, if I go to Devices > 'Test VM' > Managed Apps I can see my application listed there, with a status of "Waiting for Install Status". After letting this cook overnight, nothing changed. I synced from the VM and from Endpoint Manager with no success.


To eliminate some of the complexity, I set up another app, this time just Spotify from the Windows Store which is fairly cut and dry. Same issue- I made it available for all users, it says that status is "Available for Install" from within Endpoint Manager on my test VM, but I see no apps in the Company Portal on that device.


Has anyone experienced this before? Can you see anything I may be missing? Thanks in advance for any help you provide.


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Hi.. Could you give us some more information about how the device is enrolled? What kinda license are you using?

I assume you already tried this ?


Hello people.


I am not sure whether this topic is still opened or not but, I would like to point out that, I cannot make the apps available on the company portal, when assigned to AD groups with computers inside.


The moment I assigned a user in the same group, the app becomes available for the user but not if the app is assigned to computers.


I have tried the link mentioned and that didn't help


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How do you login into the company portal? with a user account right... so apps are visible to that account... not the devices (that's why the all devices isn't there in the first place i guess :))

Its also mentioned in the MS Docs



Thanks for the info.
After many test I imagined so much, although I wasn't able to find it in the MS Docs