Applications not appearing in Company Portal - Registered in Azure AD

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I work for a company with 200 devices enrolled in Intune with the type of enrollment labeled as "Azure AD registered."

I am currently implementing the Company Portal to offer users apps to install on their devices (they don't have local admin rights).

I've already uploaded about 20 apps to Intune, but none of the devices can see all of them in the company portal, only they can see these two apps..


(only devices enrolled as Hybrid AD  or Azure AD Joined can see all of them).

I assigned the apps to a users security group.


Any idea what the problem might be?

There are some configs about:
The test device on intune:




On intune troubleshotting you can see the user having all the apps includeds:





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Azure AD Registered is not Azure AD Joined which Intune devices should be... Those two apps are assigned as Available, and the rest is not or? (You don't see required apps) see table (Assign apps as Available row)

All the apps are assigned as available and some as required..
This is the properties of one app i can see in the company portal:


And this is one i cant see:



This mistery is killing me :(

work for a company with 200 devices enrolled in Intune with the type of enrollment labeled as "Azure AD registered."

They should be joined and not registered to have all features available if they have the intune license
Why? Where in the documentation does it say that you can only see 2 published applications with this type of registration?
It makes no sense.

@diegoneti , read chapter 9. It should work installing Company Portal apps when AD Registered. My mistake :)




But in the table, you can see that users on not enrolled Intune Devices can install apps using the web-based company portal ( but not from the Company Portal app... Does that make a difference?


Did that work out for you?
I don't understand that. The table above shows that it should be possible (Not tested by myself)
Are the apps which appear in Company Portal MSI installed apps and those that don't appear win32 apps?