Application protection policies - block data leaving from company apps


Hi all,


My manager would like us to ensure that data do not leave company/enterprise apps. Now our devices are going to be enrolled into Intune. Personal and company devices.


Not too long ago a colleague sent me his personal mobile number in Teams or outlook i think it was. I wanted to copy the number and create a contact in Outlook under my personal profile. I could not because of the application protection policy.


Another time it is a link we can copy in a work email and wanting to paste into Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android and the same. cannot copy data from company/enterprise/managed apps.


I take it this is how it is meant to work and is just how things are ??? Or am I perhaps setting something way too strict? Obviously if i allow copy of data from Outlook or Teams that could just as well be sensitive data so i guess really the policy is working as it should?

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Hi, good afternoon.

If you want to know my piece of the pie about app protection policies

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It all depends on the policy of the company... .But I would go for multiple app protection policies... I would restrict the personal app protections more then the managed one
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions