Application install failing (repeatedly)

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We're using Intune to manage Windows Client OS devices enrolled in Microsoft  Endpoint Manager and AzureAD Joined. In addition Windows Desktop Applications (Office365 Desktop, Teams (Work and School), Remote Support/Assistance Agent, Endpoint Protection, etc.) are deployed.


ESET Endpoint Advanced Cloud Agent is downloaded and fails (as expected) repeatedly; although there is a manual detection rule setup.


ESET  Detection Rules.png


What should I be looking for in the Event viewer? Each detection rule is for a different version of the Endpoint; each file and path are valid.


Any suggestions?


Thank you.

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Hi Somaji,

You’re pushing an app and it’s failing, can you share the fail error msg? Why do you have two detection rules for the same app? It’s mostly an issue with the detection rule.

Is the packaged app exe or msi? Is the silent switch correct?



I am pushing ESET Advanced Protection Cloud agent as a Win32app through Intune. It is assigned to a Azure Security group (dynamic) which has all Windows OS devices which are not Server OS.


ESET is Cloud managed using a ESET Management agent. The build was v9 with esetgui.exe; v10 has egui.exe (two detection rules). ESET Agent can not be installed to replace an existing agent. ESET Upgrade is pushed from the ESET Management Console only. There is a silent install option.


ESET Intune Win32 App.png


Thanks for your help.