Application Configuration Policy for Android - Missing Permission Options

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Hello. we have a application configuration policy , it works as expected, however there is two permissions that Intune does not display.


that is "Music and Audio"  permission and "Photos and Videos " permission


the other permissions that are listed in intune eg call log , works fine, so its a Intune issue whereby they need to enable more permission options.


how do i resolve this?


policy not working as intune missing permission 2 redacted.jpgpolicy not working as intune missing permission redacted.jpgpolicy working as it should redacted.jpgmissing perms in intune redacted.jpg

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you can set auto grant to external storage (write) and external storage (read)

auto grant is set to external storage (write) and external storage (read) as per above screenshots,

however the users are able to set it to dont allow for "Music and Audio" permission and "Photos and Videos" permission and this is causing issues with this application ,

we are wanting to set
"Music and Audio" permission and "Photos and Videos " permission to auto grant for a certain application but as these permissions are missing in the app configuration policy we are stuck.

trying to log a case with Intune Support is painful, they keep sending me to a feature request page which does not work.

maybe the app api level is not high enough to support the latest android version.

Hi @JimBean ,


Are you also using App Protection Policies?


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we have app protection policies, but not for this app in particular as its not listed as a option to select


I have the same problem with one of my Apps.


It looks as though even when you declare the permissions in your App Manifest, Intune still doesn't show the new Android 13 permissions in the App configuration.


I think that if you 'Auto Grant' the runtime permissions on your main Device Configuration Profile, under the Device Config > General > 'Default Permissions Policy' it might rectify this.  But this is a sledgehammer to crack a nut.