Apple User Enrollment in Intune

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End of last year Apple announced in the developer conference 2019 about all new "Apple User Enrollment". Its really an excellent way for administrators supporting end-user BYOD devices without requiring the user to sacrifice their own privacy and at the same time by increasing the security around corporate data by segregating off the data in a separate storage area. This results in a better balance of security and privacy for both the enterprise and the end-user in a BYOD scenario.

After the release from Apple, I have been constantly watching new developments in Intune and I tested out "Enrollment Types - Preview" feature using a profile "determine based on user choice". with this profile it behaves the way new "Apple User Enrollment" works but I am not 100% sure if the enrollment type feature is built to achieve the concept brought by Apple "Apple User Enrollment"? or its simply an another way.


I would appreciate if you can help me understand on the above.

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@Sujith Suriya says that this is in preview, so depending on your settings you should be seeing it. When you create a new profile under "Enrollment type (preview)" do you get the options below including the "User enrollment" option?