Apple Migration Tool (MacOS) and Intune

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Anyone use the Apple Migration Tool (MacOS) on a device that is Intune-Managed? How did it go? Was the Intune information migrated as well? Did applications deploy as expected?

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How is there not a reply here? So weird.
Old thread, I know, but I am looking for info about this too. Off the bat I would say, the two things do NOT work well together. Migration Assistant restore immediately borked the endpoint to the extent that it could no longer check in to Intune; the endpoint started replicating in the devices list over and over; no new configs or scripts would deploy to the endpoint. 100% disaster, resulted eventually in a complete Erase All Content on the Mac and a fresh Setup Assistant. Unfortunately I don't know what combination of Migration Assistant transfer selections resulted in this, as it was done by an end-user and then I had to clean it up after. Much testing in my future, to discern exactly how much data (if any at all) can be transferred via Migration Assistant without screwing up the endpoint for Intune.