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In my company, we have most of the iPhones enrolled via DEP and just few ones that we bought from different channels and thus not part of the DEP.


My question is: Can managed Apple IDs (Staff role) that are created on Apple Business Manager portal also work on the iPhones that will be enrolled via Apple configurator (and relative profile) as well as via the new Enrollment targeting method? And what about the VPP tokens, will they also be applicable on those?


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@GianlucaSB you can add any device with iOS 11 or higher to Apple DEP, even when you din't buy it from an Apple reseller. 

@JanBakkerOrphaned Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately only our resellers can add iPhones/iPads to our DEP space (but I am able to remove them from Intune). I guess it's by contract. And of course they will not add devices unless we buy via their channels.

However, can you or anyone else answer my specific questions?


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@GianlucaSB  Hi Gianluca,


Using Apple Configurator 2 on a MacOS device you can add devices to Apple Business Manager. More info:




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