App with new Keys

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We have an app that I need to reinstall a new key into all workstations.

What's the best route?


To uninstall the apps and reinstall with the new key or is there a way to send the new key (re-registering the app).


This is the Install command

"STPlatformUpdater.exe" /wi:"/qn /l*v install.log ACTIVATIONKEY=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
Uninstall command
msiexec.exe /X{XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-6590C284ED82}
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I am not sure if it was also the case with the ivanti security controls. but in the past I could download the license file in txt file or MSI to deploy it to devices... But otherwise it would be a nice powershell script which first uninstalls the app, and installs it with the new key... convert it to a win32app (so the installation is also in it)