App Requirements not met, then are met, does it check and run?

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I've got an app configured that in the requirements it looks for the presence of a file and if it is there, it meets the requirements and will install.


If, say, the file shows up after the evaluation of the app requirements, will the app look again and install or is it one-time and that's it?

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When ever app install fails, Intune retries next time on a schedule. When app installation is tried next time, it checks both app dependency as well as app requirements.

These client logs should help you to see what’s going on: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs

@Pa_D I get that. but the initial run of the app wouldn't have failed, it would have seen that the requirement wasn't met. So does it look again after a while?

@Tomnibus_MedOne sorry can you help me clarify.

What i understood is, (for example) Initially a file was missing which is a requirement for app installation. Because the requirement is missing, the app install was supposed to fail initially right? why do you think it wouldn't have failed?


And yes, in next run it is again going to look for presence of that file.

I figured it wouldn't have failed because the requirements wouldn't have been met. So, I thought it was two different things: 1. requirements not met so don't run at all. As opposed to 2. run but fail because file not found.