App Protection with Attachments

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So I would like to add app protection to Outlook, but I still need to be able to have people view their attachments.  It looks like I can use OneDrive or Acrobat for Intune for PDF, but how do I protect and allow .wav files for voicemail, .jpg .png, .tif images that get sent? .txt files? etc.

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@Daniel Schmidt Ran into this a few weeks ago with .wav files on Android. It doesn't appear that there is a MAM enabled app that supports the playing of .wav files on Android. What we had to do was make an exception to the 'Send Org data to other apps' and list Google Play Music ( Once we put that setting in .wav files were able to be played in a pop up menu. For images and text files I believe you can use the Microsoft Azure Information Protection Viewer app.

@kkeirstead Thanks, so it does look like the "Nine Work for Intune" does open every file I can think of (wav, txt, html, jpg, png, etc.) but of course that's a different email app.  What did you do for iOS?