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App protection policy Outlook for IOS save to local storage not working

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I have below setting in App protection policy applied for Outlook for IOS, setting is allowing to save on One drive for Business, but when i try to save on Local Storage using Save to files, it doesn't allow.


Prevent backups=  Allow
Send org data to other apps = Policy managed apps
          Save copies of org data =   Block
                 Allow user to save copies to selected services   Local Storage, OneDrive for Business
If i disable this protection policy, Outlook allows to Save to Files which saves attachments on local storage
Any suggestion?
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You should be able to create new files and save them to Local Storage, files opened from Company OneDrive/Sharepoint/Outlook etc. can't be saved to Local Storage because of the Block setting.
ok but exemption is on local storage, will this not help?
Means allowed Onedrive(which is working) and Local Storage(which is not working)