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I have a problem on Android devices that calls are not automatically forwarded to the Microsoft Teams Android app.


I have set the following in the app protection policies:


When I enter Microsoft Teams in the Dialer App Name field, it does not work either.

When I select Any policy-managed dialer app in Transfer telecommunication data to, I get a push up notification.


The Teams app is set up with the corporate account and calls have already been made .


Push Up Notification:
No available apps

There are currently no apps configured on this device that your organization allows to open this content.

Make sure you are logged into your managed apps with your business account, or contact your organization's support team.


Thanks in advance for the help
Regards Michael

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Hi @MBTechIT,

I appreciate your detailed explanation of the issue you're facing. I've reviewed the screenshot you provided, and it seems like you've set up the App Protection Policy correctly.

Nonetheless, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Confirm that Microsoft Teams is set as the default dialer app on your device. 

  2. Make sure your Microsoft Teams app is up to date. 

  3. Attempt to resolve the issue by restarting your device.

  4. If the problem persists, consider clearing the cache and data for the Microsoft Teams app.


Also, keep in mind the following:

  • To automatically forward calls to Microsoft Teams, the app must be installed on the device and logged in with your corporate account.
  • Ensure that the "Transfer telecommunication data to" setting is configured to "Any policy-managed dialer app" to enable call forwarding to Microsoft Teams.
  • Calls won't be forwarded to the Microsoft Teams app if your device is not enrolled in Microsoft Intune, even if the App Protection Policy is correctly set up.

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Leon Pavesic

Hi @LeonPavesic,


thank you for your reply.


With a Conditional Access Policy, device registration in Azure is assumed.

In Microsoft Entra ID / Azure AD I also see the status Microsoft Entra registered for the device.


Have now tested around a bit more: First I only had App Protection Policies and App Configuration Policies active and the device only needed to be registered, but even when the device is set up with the Enrollment Method Personally-owned devices with work profile, the forwarding to Teams does not work.


In Android settings under Default apps, Default dialer does not show Microsoft Teams.

In Teams app permissions, phone permission is also allowed.


It looks to me like the Teams Android app doesn't support this feature at all, which would be very sobering considering the Teams telephony system is an MS product.

I hope I'm not wrong with my assumption.


EDIT: Have now also found another post by @Suganya 98 where the response reinforces my fears:  How do I set up Teams as my iOS and Android Default Dialer? - Microsoft Community 


With kind regards