App Protection Polices iOS (Save to Files)

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Hi, during the test on both iOS and Android same setup, Android is working fine but iOS is not allowing users to download files to device file storage.


1. Open Microsoft Teams, go to files.

2. Select a file and click Send a copy

3. Select Save to Files (Not allowed by organization)


In the test everything is set to allow, do I need to exclude the Files app for iOS?




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Hi Jimmy,

Your setting looks good to me, have you modified and applied the existing setting? I know the app protection policies (IOS) takes ages to reflect new changes. I would remove the existing policy and apply new fresh one on another test phone.


Thank you for answering.
I can replicate this issue on brand new devices, even with same policy for Android the issue is there. I recognize due to Policy managed apps is never iOS File manager
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Apologies, I totally haven’t seen your settings correctly.

Indeed, it’s to be changed to all Apps or Policy Managed with exemptions, with Android you can use package id, but with IOS is a bit tricky, you need to find the url. Hope the post below helps!