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i would like to use an exemption for data transfer between Outlook for iOS and in this use case instagram. (The user receives an image inside the corporate account in Outlook for iOS, then he wants to share the received image file via instagram.)

At this moment this is not possible because the instagram app isn't a managed app.

What would be the best possibility for this?

I've read about this scenario in the ms docs

What i found out is the URL protocol by trial and error. When im right this should be just "instagram".

(I can open "instagram://" inside safari and the installed app wants to launch).


So i entered "instagram" in the value inside the app protection policy \ exempt apps, but this wasn't working.

Any ideas are highly appreciated. :)

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Anybody got an idea?

@PatrickF11 As I understand the documentation, these exemptions are defaults and can not be altered. I don't see a way to allow posting to Instagram without allowing Instagram. Maybe there is an app that only allows posting, which could be added. Maybe a Flow button?

@Philip Büchler Thank you for your reply.

What do you mean by: "without allowing Instagram"?

How to do this?

You can always include Instagram in your allowed list. I don't see a huge risk for data leakage as its just to add pictures. To add Instagram, follow this documentation:

@Philip Büchler 

Thank you for your reply, i missed the notification for this post.


The link you've posted is for Windows 10 Apps, i've been looking for a solution for iOS.

I already tried to add the instagram identifier into the app protection policy, but this wasn't working.





@PatrickF11 have you tried adding Instagram and adding this feature?