App management for users with multiple devices

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There are users in our organization who have multiple Windows 10 laptops, all corporate owned. When I create a group and add the user to this group, and then assign the group to an app, the app is installed on all devices of that user. Can I somehow control the devices on which the app will be installed?


I don't want to use Device Groups, because this introduces too much manual overhead, when a user changes his device. 



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And the user doesn't need that app when logging in to another laptop? I think the best option is to install it to the laptop that the user uses the most / primary device and that's using a Device Group. Is it a problem when the app is on all devices? Is it a licensed app for which you have to pay per device?
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All your questions are relevant. I am just wondering what kind of filtering is possible in Intune device management.

I stumbled upon device categories, which seems to solve my problem: By creating a device category, e.g. "Primary Device", a Dynamic Device group can be created which filters all devices on the property device.deviceCategory -eq "Primary Device".

Nice one, that's also a solution of course