app list when creating an app configuration policy

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Hi everyone,


i just found an "inconvenient feature" and want to know, what are you thinking about this.


When creating an App configuration policy you have to choose the platform and after that which is the associated app.

When browsing the associated app i was wondering, why the apps from every OS are listed.

The problem is, that e.g. "Microsoft Outlook" is the exact name in any OS for the App. (Android, Android Enterprise, Windows, iOS.)


So it happens very quickly, that when choosing the associated app for an iOS Outlook Config profile the user chooses the android or windows app. Of course, this is not working.


At this moment i'm using a suffix as the Apps name.

(Microsoft Outlook (iOS)) or Microsoft (OneDrive (Android)).


Wouldn't it be so much better to just list the apps belonging to the choice of the os, when configuring an app configuration policy.


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