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Dear community,

I am cleaning up our Intune Apps for Windows - just for confirmation: when I remove the "Required" assignment, it does not take any action on the client, correct? I don't want to break anything and the inventory is very mixed, sometimes an MSI, sometimes a very old and somehow packaged EXE.

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True normally removing the assignment doesnt trigger an uninstallation, To uninstall you need to assign a group to the uninstall setting


And to quote Microsoft


"Removing a group assignment does not remove the related app. The installed app will remain on the device."

Include and exclude app assignments in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs


@cHaZzYIf you unassign the app, it will remain on any current machines, you're basically just stopping any deployments.  It's only if you populate the uninstall group that it will remove the software


If you need to get the source files for old apps, have a look at this:

How to decode Intune Win32 App Packages – Modern IT – Cloud – Workplace (

Thank you very much for the quick confirmation @andrewstaylor and @Rudy_Ooms_MVP - I am now sure not to break anything!
I only find the right documentation, at the moment I don't need it, kind of a gift :)