Antivirus policy shows device status multiple times for single device

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We deployed an Endpoint Security - Antivirus Policy to Windows 10 machines. It is assigned to a device group. If I look at the results, a single device shows up multiple times according to the user that has logged in on it. It clutters the results, is this expected behavior?




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Hi, To be sure (as its blurred :P) what are you seeing. Are there multiple users logging on that device? Also I guess you will notice the "system account" ? Like you are mentioning you are targeting a device group.... maybe try it to assign it to a user group?
Hi Rudy,

Thanks for your reply.
so yes multiple people login to (some of) these devices and I also see the system account as a UPN. My assumption would be that it's a device group and therefore the policy is assigned once and not for every user that logs in.

Regards, Niels

Regards, Niels