Android Personally Owned Work Profile apps fail to show as available.

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I have been having an issue with Personally owned Work-Profile devices. I have a list of apps that are required and a list of apps that are available. The list of required apps was installed with no issues, but the list of available apps does not show as available if the app was made available after a device's enrollment time. 


To simplify when I enroll a device after I deploy the apps, all of the apps show up. If I want to make an app available after the enrollment it does not seem to update on the work profile play store. If I were to make the app required then it would install with no issues when the device next checks in.


I attempted to search for the app in the work profile play store but it just says that the administrator has not made the app available. If I navigate to the enrolled device inside of intune it shows that the apps are assigned and available.

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Hi @afisher002223,


The apps you made available, are these apps coming from the managed Google Play store and not from the normal play store?


And are the users checking the Play Store within their work profile?




They are all currently deployed via the Managed Play store app, and they are checking the work profile version. Something I did all of a sudden made them available on my device but on my co-worker's device, they still have yet to show.

Hi @afisher002223,  - are these public store apps or have you uploaded the apk in your enterprise play store?


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They are public apps, and most of them are Microsoft Apps.

Hi @afisher002223 , If they are public store apps then user can always download them from Google play store as the devices they are using are BYOD. If your requirement is for MAM then you can always apply App protection policies on public store apps to protect your corp data.


Hope it answers your queries.




Well, the issue is that I have the apps made available to end-users, but the available apps arent showing as available in the Google Play Work profile app. Even if I search for an app it says the administrator hasn't made this app available yet



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The apps have just been shown as available on the devices in question. The devices alerted the user that intune was syncing then the apps showed up. I did try to manually sync the devices before this but the manual sync did not work. So for anybody experiencing this issue, it may just be a matter of waiting a few weeks.