Android Multi-Kiosk Mode. Presenting the Call App.

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Hi Pretty new to Intune and I have been creating a multi App Kiosk for some of oour Samsung xcover 4 phones. So far so good, I was able to deploy the managed home screen and get the Apps required to appear but I ran into a problem. The call App cant be accessed.


So you cant make calls or you can go to the contacts app and call from there but as there is no call buttons, you can't hang up!


Any idea how I can get the Phone App to appear on the managed Home screen?

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I know it is an old thread, but did anyone getting it to work?

I deployed 


as required to an multi app kiosk device. Apps are installed sucessfully, app "Anruf" ( is not added to the managed home screen. Other system apps like camera or contacts are working fine. Device is a Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 EE - SM-G525F/DS.

Thanks in advance






Same problem: Samsung XCover 5 phone, multi-apps kiosk mode. Added the app as required app, added it to the grid in Home screen. I can open the app, but not dial. When I exit the kiosk mode, I can dial with the same app.

@Eddy_Vanhove finally i got it to work with help of reddit:

For the dialer/message app to appear you want to add and to Managed home screen after you add them as a Android Enterprise System app.

You don't need to add these to Managed Home screen, only put the app as required.