Android Intune COBE Device, deregister current user without wiping the device

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Hey guys,


we have a problem with some Android full managed company owned devices. The problem is, that we changed some users, so their UPN isnt the same anymore.


Let me explain my problem step by step:

1. The user "" registered his android phone as a full managed company device with our intune. That went fine, and the registration was successfull.

2. We changed the upn suffix of that user, because we had a mail and domain migration going on.

3. So the new upn is ""


So now I dont get it to work, that I change this user in his android device. If I want to add his new Mail Account in the Outlook App, it wont let me. It says "you already got a business account running" 

Do I really have to wipe the entire device now and re enroll it?

Thank you

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