Android Fully managed with work profile enrollment issue

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Android Fully managed with work profile do not get enrolled in Intune as expected. The behavior started in the past couple of days when I tried creating a new Android corporate-owned fully managed devices with a work-profile after creating a new token. Using a QR code or entering a token manually enrolls the device in Intune but as Android fully managed instead of Android corporate-owned fully managed with a work-profile. Is this an expected behavior? If not, am I missing anything? 

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Expected. You need to create restriction rule (vice versa) in place and assign it to change the behavior.

Hope this helps!

@Moe_Kinani Thank you for your suggestion. Since the device was an Android 11 device, scanning the QR code helped me enroll the device successfully. Not sure why entering the token manually doesn't work as expected for this enrollment method though.