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I've read a lot about Intune Android Entreprise GA.

I have an issue while trying to re-activate some system apps and "base" apps. For exemple, the Camera app by Google (

It is approved in the Managed Play Store (but not by me...) and I can't deploy it.

When I try to deploy it with "Entreprise System App", Intune does not throw me an error, but the app won't install. It quickly goes to the "Failed install" status.

If I try with "Galaxy App" application, no problem (but it is not a Play Store app).

If I try with Gallery App (, Intune throws me an error with no detail.


Do you guys have any clue on what can be done to have the Camera app on every Samsung Galaxy A50 phones (800+ !)


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System Apps are not Store apps per say. System Apps are apps that are default on the device and aren't installed on the Play Store.

Here are some tips to find out the Package Name:

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Thank you for your message.

I know the difference between store app and system app. The fact is "Camera" is approuved in the entreprise play store but I can't deploy it. When I try to deploy it like a system app (because it is preinstalled on the phone), it fails (everytime !)


Thanks for your help

What is the error you are getting?
If you're talking about this Camera app: , it does say this at the very bottom of the details:
Requirements - The latest version of Google Camera only works on Pixel phones on Android 10 and above. Some features are not available on all devices.

That may be your issue if you are trying on devices outside those specs.
You should be using '' as the system app. That is the package name for the Samsung camera

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Sorry for the delay !

Thanks for your replies.


I just added the Samsung Camera. I'll take a look at how it deploys. Hope this will work.