Android Enterprise Wifi Hidden network

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Does anyone know what Enabling the Hidden Network setting on an Android Enterprise Basic wifi profile does?


According to Hidden network: Choose Enable to hide this network from the list of available networks on the device. The SSID isn't broadcasted. Choose Disable to show this network in the list of available networks on the device.


But the tool tip from within the Intune profile says: Connect to this network, even when it is not broadcasting its SSID.


Those are both very different things for the same setting....

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Hi kkeirstead,

I use this setting, it just connects (when enabled) to your WiFi if not broadcasting ssid.

Hope this helps answering your question!

@Moe_Kinani thanks for the response. I had a quick question on this, would this profile connect if the network is being broadcast in one location but hidden in another? 

It should connect.

Make sure to match the ssid and password in both locations otherwise will not work.