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Hi folks,


i remember, that there were hundreds of devices which were supported for Android enterprise.

I've found them in the official device list:

Nowadays there are "only" about 250 devices and no more samsung devices are listed.

A remember a few month ago there were "android enterprise compatible devices" and on the other hand "recommended" devices.


Can anyone can make this one clear to me?

Why aren't there no more Samsung devices?


Thank you in advance.

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Hi @PatrickF11  good morning. 


Samsung Knox devices are compatibles with Intune without any doubt. Maybe the way to deploy Intune changed, but they are compatible. 


Here you have an article about Know Plugin and some info related with Intune. 

Step 1: Microsoft Intune - Add to UEM (


I hope this can help you. 


Good luck!

Hi @Pablomcse 


Thanks for your reply.

At first: I know (and experienced for a long time) that Samsung devices are working great. There are hundreds of devices implemented already.

My concerns were rather that why samsung devices are not visible at the android supported devices list.


And regarding your hyperlink: Do you know anything about the "knox service plugin"? I've never deployed this one to any of our customers tenants. (No problems at all :D )

Hi @PatrickF11 , thanks for coming back here. 


I only have experience in one customer for 10 devices with this requirement. We deployed Knox policies and with this plugin, a third-party deployed some configuration over a customized app. That´s all. 

I can not tell you more about this, being honest. 


Here you have more info. Knox Service Plugin ( 


For me, the default Intune configuration and policies work in all customers, so, sorry if I cannot help you here more. Maybe you should open a case from your Admin portal. 


Nice day and Good luck. 


Patrick, the list from Google is an Android Enterprise recommended list, not a support list.
There are a few prequisites a vendor must conform to. One of them is to support Google Zero Touch Enrollment, but Samsung has it's own of zero touch and doesn't support the Google implementation.

It's not that Android Enterprise is not supported on Samsung, not at all
Yes I know but, but back in the days there was an filtering option between „Android Enterprise Recommended“ and something like „Android enterprise capable“. This was always a good starting point for customers to find out wether their devices are „good to go“ or not.