Android Enterprise (Device Owner) profile delivery

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Is anyone else experiencing issues with Device Owner SCEP and WiFi profile delivery? It's failing for newly enrolled devices as of this week, but was being delivered successfully previously.

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@eglockling Whilst I don't specifically have that issue, I have 2 customers who have experienced delays in policies being applied this week. Also some which seem to error on device registration, but wait 5 minutes and it works. Feels like a slow down this week - I blame Ignite :)

@PeterEgertonThanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, it seems to be an issue with SCEP profile delivery again. We've allowed 24-48 hours, but the delivery continues to fail. The restrictions and root certificate profile delivery is working as expected. Luckily, Apple devices are receiving SCEP profiles and requesting SCEP certs successfully.

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Looks like everything is resolved now. It was related to last week's change by Microsoft.


Root cause: A recent service update, designed to improve the overall experience of the environment, caused a code regression.