Android Enterprise Dedicated - Import PKCS Certificate

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My organization is transitioning to Dynamics 365 and is now onboarding our Android fleet to Microsoft's "Warehouse Management Mobile App". This application requires that we distribute a shared private certificate to our devices to authenticate, however this appears to be something not possible with Android Enterprise Dedicated enrollment. Intune's Imported PKCS profiles appear to be limited to users only, and since these are dedicated enrolled devices, one does not appear to exist. Is anyone familiar with a UPN I'm not seeing that is assigned to Android Dedicated devices or an easier way to do this? When setting up a new Imported PKCS I have the option to specify a user UPN, and the documentation appears to show this as a supported scenario. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Screenshot 2022-03-25 191345.png

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I have the exact same need, please let me know if you found a solution.