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Manage Home Screen blocks access to  appid : We are deploying an updater app next to our main app in Multi app Kiosk Mode to quickly update (within minutes) the main app when necessary. We want to use Android Enterprise COSU to enroll and configure the device for first use via Intune. The first enrolment works as expected. Updating an app however via the Android Private App Store can take between 2 hrs- 48 hrs which is way to long for any production app. 

I am trying to add the OMA-URI AllowStartPackages and AllowInstallpackages with the appid but no luck so far. Does anybody have any eperience with this?


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  • Use can create custom policies in Microsoft Intune to allow and block apps for Samsung Knox Standard devices. In custom OMA-URI settings type the value: ./Vendor/MSFT/PolicyManager/My/ApplicationManagement/AllowInstallPackages
  • For Android work profile devices work with the following information Intune Custom Policies

Intune managed apps will check-in with an interval of 30 minutes for Intune App Configuration Policy status, when deployed in conjunction with an Intune App Protection Policy. If an Intune App Protection Policy isn't assigned to the user, then the Intune App Configuration Policy check-in interval is set to 720 minutes.

Make sure your configuration, policy, and values are correct and make sure your device is compatible with the specific settings.



Eli , I knew and have already tested the custom policies you are referring to. I will check the values etc and test again.
Thanks for the information.