Android Enterprise BYOD Wifi Profile - disable auto-connect not working

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Hi all,


Been dealing with this issue for Android devices. We're implementing EAP-TLS for an enterprise wifi. Devices are connected to the network. But one thing that brought attention to us is how the android devices keeps on re-enabling the auto connect setting on a device level. That means, devices will auto join the network even without user's consent. We tried using the built-in template in intune but the option there for Connect automatically is not given. We pulled the diagnostics logs from company portal app and we can see that the wifi profile is actually set to <connectionMode>manual</connectionMode>. 


We also tried creating a custom wifi profile, uploaded the xml with <connectionMode>manual</connectionMode> but the device keeps re-enabling the auto connect setting. 


Is there any other setting that I missed with respect to autoconnect issue? If you guys could lead me to proper direction on how to resolve this, I'd really appreciate it.

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Never ran into this problem but I must say most of the time customers want to use the auto connect feature so could be that we never encounter this situation. Still if you see the value <connectionMode>manual</connectionMode> in the diagnostic logs there is some default set with the WiFi configuration and it is a valid question why there is no setting in the profile to change it and why it seemingly is not working at all. 


I would encourage you to raise a support ticket with Microsoft to get both those questions to them and please keep us posted about their answers those are valuable to all of us.