Android enrolment Intune connection removed from Google managed play account

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Hi all!


We have a bit of an emergency. One of our engineers was creating a new Intune tenant, and tried to link a managed google play account that was already linked to our main tenant. Obviously you are only allowed 1 account linked, this has caused chaos. Out of desperation said engineer then deleted the link between the Intune tenant and the google play account altogether which resulted in all android devices being wiped. We receive a notification that the android enrolment resource is not available when we try to access. Currently we are not only unable to re-enrol devices, but also re -connect the managed google account to our Intune tenant. Bit of a disaster. 


I have attached an image of the issue, any help would be massively appreciated, thus far Microsoft support haven't been fantastic. 



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That is most unfortunate. It's doubtful there would be a straightforward resolution to such a problem which could be answered in a forum thread. If any tenant re-association is possible, it'd likely need to be performed on the back-end.


Based on the severity, you should keep the ticket open and continue to work through the support case with Microsoft.


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