Android Edge (Auto populate account sign-in)

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Android - Azure AD Multi App Kiosk Device

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Trying to configure so Edge auto-populates the account with the current logged in user.


I have tried multiple ways but not able to get this to work. Teams will auto sign-in with out any issues.

Add app configuration policies for managed Android Enterprise devices - Microsoft Intune | Microsoft...


None of the values will work using JSON or Configuration designer.

First thing is if you use Configuration designer then the option Allow only Intune Accounts will fail with error no matter what you do. This is the same for the rest.

Using the variable {{userprincipalname}} for this settings will not work.


Sample JSON of values tested. All will fail.

    "kind": "androidenterprise#managedConfiguration",
    "productId": "",
    "managedProperty": [
            "key": "",
            "valueBool": true
            "key": "",
            "valueBool": true
            "key": "",
            "valueBool": true

Policy checked on the device in edge, results in Error - Unknown Policy




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Having the same issues! Hope they or someone comes back with something soon! :) @JimmyWork 

Same issue as well. It was working fine in previous versions. What Android version are you on?
I never had it working, I had testing on Android 12 and Android 13.
It seems to be related to enrolling as shared device with no user assigned.
If a user is assigned to the device during the enrollment the field populates.

The wierd part is Teams works fine, it will populate the login for the user with the current session.
And when i Open Edge, I just need to enter the email, no password etc as it will use the cached credentials, so it is wierd that it's not populating
Quick update, today It actually look like it's working, will need to go over my settings etc. Not sure of Edge was updated or changes in my config.

User clicks Edge, Edge states signinig you in, done. Profile connected and SSO etc all working
This works on Edge 111.0.1661.48

Microsoft please implement whatever feature/function you added to Edge 111.0.1661.48 to the stable channel.


The version I mention auto signs in the user into Edge when using Sessions on Azure AD Shared Devices. However Beta program is full so I only have this working on my test device, this feature is crucial for SSO and making Edge main browser on Android tablets.

Hi @JimmyWork Can you describe more, what you did that it work for you?

..Auto signs in the user into Edge when using Sessions on Azure AD Shared Devices. 

Can it work on Android Fully Manage?



Yes it should absolutly work on Android Fully Manage.
The device should then have a primary user. If the device has Edge version: 111, then this function works.

Sessions is for Azure AD Shared Device, KIOSK mode, no primary user, the user signs in to the device in a session and Edge autopopulates.

Please make sure you have the correct Edge version.
I'm still not seeing it working with latest beta version of Edge (v112.0.1722.25) and shared device mode. I'll keep playing with settings, but would love to see the final config from someone who has this working.
My Beta is today 113.
And the prod version is 111.

Both working.
Have you configured sessions so the user needs to login to the device?
Yup, shared device mode with AAD sign on. Let me try a dev version or whatever get me 113 version.

Are you pushing Edge app config to managed apps or managed devices?
Right now I'm pushing an app config, but before during test I did not and it was still working.
I'm using Managed Home Screen, Sessions.
I'm using production Edge now thats 111.x it's working, also tested Dev and thats also working now.

Later today I can collect all my configs and post them. But again this is working without app config
Thanks, would be interesting to see your configs. I pushed an app config for Edge via managed app and via managed devices and not getting Edge to respect SSO. It's just me it's also just Edge--everything else that's set up for SSO has no issue.

Time to factory reset and try again.


I have not included all settings like what apps are installed in the KIOSK screen etc.


Azure AD Shared Device - Multi App KIOSK

Device Configuration - Assigned to devices.


App Configuration policy - Managed Home Screen



Apps installed






I do have a managed app config, but this only sets Edge startpage etc and does not need to be applied for this to work.

Now the same problem arise again!?

We assign Edge (Stabile version) to our dedicated android devices with Azure AD.
Yesterday version 124.0.2478.50 (247805005) of Edge AI Browser was starting to install on our devices and we ran in to a problem instantly. The app shows a screen saying "Sign in to sync" and Add account. Normally edge should just automatically sign in to the signed in users account (SSO). Pressing the "Add account" button results in that the app is just "thinking" spinning blue circle and nothing more happens.

The most strange thing is that the official version according to Google Play and Microsofts release notes is 123.0.2420.102 (242010205). And if you Google "124.0.2478.50 (247805005)" you get information about Edge BETA, which we dont have assigned to our devices.
How can ver 124.0.2478.50 (247805005) be installed on our devices in the first place?
Testing the exact same thing in our QA tenant, we just see ver 123.0.2420.102 (242010205)

The current version (Stable) 123.0.2420.102 (242010205) auto signs in the user into Edge when using Sessions on Azure AD Shared Devices. However we got the Beta? 124.0.2478.50 (247805005) instead of the stable version so it will break the feature auto sign in the user into Edge when using Sessions on Azure AD Shared Devices with Microsoft MHS
Clearing app cache does not help by the way

Anyone experiencing this? Any ideas why?