Android - Disable Accessibility Shortcut - Corporate-owned dedicated devices

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I have some Zebra TC72 devices that are enrolled in Intune as Corporate-owned dedicated devices. I am using the Managed Home Screen app with Multi-App Kiosk mode in order to lock down my devices. The issue is that if you simultaneously hold down both the volume up/down buttons it activates the accessibility shortcut which enables Talkback (screen reader). I want to disable this feature through Intune but cannot figure out a way to do it. It is easy to do via the device settings manually, but this would be cumbersome for the number of devices we have.


Another post I found suggested disabling the Android Accessibility Suite app ( which I attempted to do via an Android Enterprise System app and setting my group to Uninstall. This showed as successfully uninstalled on my devices, but it still allows the device to use this app. If I manually disable this app it also fixes my problem, but again I have only been able to do this manually. 


I just need one of these solutions to work to solve my problem, but can't get either to work via Intune. Any ideas?



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Hi Patrick,

Have you tried using the Mx API to disable System Apps, this can be done via StageNow or your EMM. More info can be found here: